Cody lee


Some deserts are located near mountains. They are also located where it is very hot. Deserts can also be found all over the world . Some aren't so good places to be though but the desert can stand the heat in many places

General characteristics

They are extreme hotness and extreme dryness. At night floods can occurs and It gets extreme cold. The desert is also home to many animals,plants, and a lot more. There is not much water just lying around so you have to work hard to get some.

Weather and climate

The weather is extreme hot In the day and extreme cold at night. It might flood at night. But it may also just rain a little. In the desert the weather can change on you in no time. So you never know what the weather will be next.


The desert is home to many plants. The main one is the cacti. They can be very big or very small. But there are also many other cool plants also. But all the plants in the desert have something special about them. The can all collect and store water for a long time.


The desert is home to many animals. Some are mean and some just don't care if you are there. Animals in the desert can stand the heat.but some can't stand it so they have to find water and shade.


There can be many mountains in a desert. Some are fully grown , and others aren't even close they a just now forming. The mountains can do a lot of stuff for the desert like , give shade to animals and plants, they can give shelter to all things, they can even be good for animals that's being hunted to hide.

Human impact

The desert can effect many people by killing them or making them dehidrated. But the desert is also good for us because it provides shelter and has berries and all kinds of fruits.


The rain fall for the desert is very high to believe. Most of the rain fall comes in at night, but some can come in the day also but it is very highly. But a desert can gets about 10 inches a year per year.


The soil in the desert is good for plants that can stand the heat, that are good growing in the sand, and also a plant that is good with not a lot of water. And the soil will be perfect if you have those kind of plants for the soil. The soil also has many minerals in it that is good for a lot of stuff.


My landform at the desert is kinda ruff at parts but at some it can be really smooth. The sand helps form many of the mountains and hills that you will see in the desert. The landform can also have grass and water on the surface.


The desert does not get a lot of water. But it can get about 10 inches of rainfall each year. Depending on what the weather is going to be like. The rain that comes down to the desert does not last long , because the ground is so hot and dry it souks most of it up but it can also make water pounds for the animals to drink. And for the plants to have water.
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