The Genres

By Joy Liu


Fantasy is a genre that is full of magic. Magical worlds are made here. When you read a fantasy book, you will think of faries, unicorns, elves, dwaves, manticores, dragons, and so much more.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre of fiction and science combined. It often involves current or future science or technology. Science fiction differs from fantasy because its imaginary elements has to do with science within the laws of nature.

Some pictures on fantasy and science fiction

Realistic Fiction

Imagine writing that could happen anytime in real life .It helps kids and adults focus on how real people live.It is called realistic fiction. Because it is something real that can happen in real life ,and because it is a made up story, its a made up story that can happen in real life.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is written to portray time periods, meaning that it is history that is changed up a little bit making it also fiction. Its also a made-up story that is during a real time or place.

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A book involving crime. It also has ghost, killing, and evil stories. This genre will definely have betrayals.


Romance is a genre that revolves around the two main lovers. Almost all stories have romance. This genre will be a girls dream, and a boys wish.

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A book involving crime or murder. This genre will usually have a problem solved at the end.


Humor genres are all about making people laugh and have fun. Its basically laughter.

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The adventure genre is a genre that has many action-packed scenes. In other words, it’s dominated by action. Sometimes, the action story is taking place in a faraway place such as: India, Africa, or maybe even the 16th century in London. Some stories are: The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Ring trilogy, and the books Rick Riordan writes.


A story of a persons life that was written and that was told by that famous or a person that wrote something about that famous person.

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Biography is a story of someone else's life who is living or was living told by another person.


A written account which someone like a famous performer describes experiences.

Some pictures on the Memoir and Biography Genres