By. Katie Gauthier

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An unexpected blizzard in New England

Take a look at this unexpected blizzard in New England, that put schools out for six to seven days.

Blizzards can be very dangerus read on to find out why

According to Weather Wiz Kids blizzards can cause terrible disasters. Blizzards form when two different temperatures of air masses collide forming snow (Winter Storms 2013). Plus, snow needs there to be the temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to turn the rain droplets into ice. Snow is just frozen rain drops that froze up in the atmosphere. Also, the reason snow is white is because of the white light beams the snow reflects, the reason they only pick up white light beams is because white light is the brightest so it is just the easiest to pick up. In addition, blizzards come with more than just snow there is also sleet that can occasionally come with this storm too. Sleet is just rain but when it hits the ground it is freezing it has the same concept as how snow falls, according to Weather Wiz kids. Another thing, that can come with a blizzard is wind chill, it is the temperature your body feels when outside there is also strong wind with the coldness. In conclusion blizzards can cause terrible disasters.

Weather Wiz Kids

Weather Wiz Kids in a very good source it is easy to use and have really good information for all types of weather.

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