Alphabet Inc. & Google

Tessa Watkins Period 4

Who is Alphabet Inc?

Alphabet is the Parent company of Google!

  • What is a parent company?
-A parent company is a company that has controlling interest over another

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Who Created Alphabet

The creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin!

The CEO of Alphabet:


Larry Page

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What is the purpose of Alphabet?

Alphabet Inc was created in October 2015, in the reconstruction of Google. Larry Page stated "Google is not a conventional company" meaning it is not normal. He constantly wanted to create new innovations no matter how crazy they seemed (that's how google maps was created) So he decided to create an even bigger company such as Alphabet Inc.
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Companies Alphabet owns ^

Let's talk about Google!

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Global impact

Google has made quite the positive impact to society today. It provides us with current events happening worldwide, it provides us with educational sources (such as google class room, educational websites/videos, google drive to hold papers, and more), it entertains, you can use google to shop for all kinds of things, ect.

Who is the CEO of Google

After the creation of Alphabet Inc. Larry Page, Googles original CEO, became CEO of Alphabet Inc. and Sundar Pichai became the new CEO of Google

Environmental positive impact

  • The data centers of Google uses 50% less energy that the usual data center
  • A business that uses gmail decreases it's environmental impact by up to 98%

Healthier for the environment by saving energy!

Googles positive impact on the worlds economic stance

Google helps advance economic growth, that generated $111 BILLION through more than 1.5 MILLION businesses worldwide
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False information? (negative impact)

  • A negative is you could be being fed with false information if you are not careful of the website you click on and visit.

Captain of Industry

  • Two huge successful businesses linked together
  • provides the latest news stories
  • provides educational sources
  • provides entertainment

Will google go down in history?

I argue yes. Google is the main source of world wide information. We can find almost everything on Google. Google itself is recording history almost everyday therefore it's making it's own place in history. Especially with the advancement in technology in schools, google classroom or google drive is being used all the time. It's not relied on by many school districts.
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Men in America comparison!

Larry Page and Sergey compare to Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, and Henry Ford by:

  • they shaped the country to how it is now by their successful inventions
  • They took risks but ended with HUGE success
  • People relied on their inventions