JJH IRS Update 9/5/14

AKA: What I've been up to this week!

Tuesday, Sept. 2nd

3 hours - I developed math curriculum with the gifted specialists. We worked on the assessment for unit 1 in math. I really know my ratios now!

3 hours - I spent the afternoon with Tarah and the new teachers. Tarah explained Edline and Skyward while I shared my knowledge about BYOC! Hopefully they will all be able to find what they need in BYOC now!

Wednesday, Sept. 3rd

2 hours - The other Instructional Resource Specialists and I completed a norming session with some of the narratives that 7th grade completed last year. We developed notes and now we can score a 7th grade narrative together like pros!

1 hour - I prepared and then met with 8th grade Language Arts Data Team! We talked about our favorite writing lessons and how those can still be incorporated into the Units of Study! I shared the rubric, checklist and progressions for the narrative unit. We determined how the On Demand Performance Assessment will be handled in each class. I'm looking forward to our norming meeting next week!

Thursday, Sept. 4th

7 hours - I spent the day being the gifted coordinator! I worked with the elementary gifted specialists on their curriculum for 3rd & 4th graders as well as 5th & 6th graders.

Friday, Sept. 5th

1/2 hour - Loved the discussion we had in the LRC about the Kagan book. So many great insights!

2 hours - I met with 7th grade social studies during their data team time and then started working on a real world experience that incorporates geography and higher level thinking skills. Even though it still needs some tweaking, I think the kids will love deciding what colleges to visit and what they can do in the surrounding area!

2 hours - while not technically for JJH, I worked with Christine Heatherington and Scott Dixon on the standards based report card for grades 3-6. Using what is on the writing rubrics, we revised the wording and the descriptors. Wondering if we can start conversations about that for the junior high writing...hmmm......

40 minutes - I met with Science for the first time and shared my "menu" with them! I hope to share that with all teams in the very near future! Got some one on one time scheduled with Meg Rademacher! My years of teaching special education will come in handy! They don't call me resource for nothing!

40 minutes - 7th grade Language Arts was the last data team for the week. We also talked about the On Demand Performance assessment and how that will work. We discussed the norming session a bit and what our next steps will be afterward.

Looking Ahead.....

My goal for next week is to sit in with math and PE, just to say HI and see if there is anything I can do to help!