Blue Jeans, Beats & Bling

2022 Iredell Crosby Scholars Fundraiser

We need your help to continue helping our Iredell Crosby Scholars!

We recently awarded scholarships worth more than $112,000 to our 2022 Crosby Scholars graduates. Just a few days ago, we opened the application for our Last Dollar Grants. These are need-based grants that our graduates from 2019-2022 may apply for. We expect to send checks to colleges totaling $50,000 or more to help students cover expenses.

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Blue Jeans, Beats & Bling at The Crawford Farm

Saturday, Sep. 10th, 7pm

216 Cannon Road

Statesville, NC

We'll have food, music & fun! There will be dancing, a raffle, games, and plenty of laughs. We are still working on the details and we need your help!