Chartered Professional Accountant


What do C.P.A's do

  • They play key roles within diverse segments of the economy including Industry, public accounting, government, education and the not-for-profit sector. Cpa's have many skills one main skill they usually have is managerial this is great because in today's environment everything is changing and they need to stay on top of everything.


  • You must have an undergraduate degree and a specific subject area coverage to be admitted to the new CPA professional education program. In special occasions you can get into CPA professional education program without a undergrad degree, in order to do so you must fill the criteria.

How Long It Takes

It takes more then 2 years to becoming a CPA, full time graduate programs can take up to 1 year
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Accounting and Finance

  • 4 years

  • Don't need grade 12 English

  • need all university level math courses

  • Also another 3 university level courses

  • low 80's to mid 80's required


  • C.p.a's nowadays that are employed in industry are best paid, their pay being a average of $163,000, For C.P.A's that are employed in the professional services, get paid at an average of $142,000. but as said before the money is in industry, C.P.A's that work with mining, oil, and gas industries lead the pack getting paid an average of $194,000 to $203,000

Why Become a C.P.A

The CPA designation can take you from the beginning of your career to the top position in any type of organization, in any sector of the economy. Along with comprehensive financial management skills, a CPA designation provides you with the soft skills that can make you an effective senior executive.