Interview of an explorer


Hi today we are going to talk to Leo who just came back from the Daintree. We all know that the Daintree is very wondrous place but this explorer will tell us why it is wondrous in a few minutes.
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Interview With an explorer

Me: Why hello thanks for coming too this interview!

Leo: No problem, thanks for having me.

Me: ok, what animals did you see?

Leo: well, I say a lot of animals but my favourite animal was the cassowary due too the fact that it's so rare to find as well as the cassowary I saw lizards, frogs,

Me: did you see any native tribes?

Leo: I canr't say I have though, I believe that there are

Me: So what climates did you have too battle?

Leo: I had too battle tough and rough weather and terrain, this means I have been battling rocks and storms.

Me: Have you discovered any new plants?

Leo: um, have seen some plants but no new discoveries yet hahaha,

Me: alright final question, did you have fun?

Leo: beside for the frustrating weather it was all worth while with all the animals and trees being so awesome and unique in their own way. In addition I want people to go and have fun but please don't litter it's frustrating seeing people wreck our environment.

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Well that's It folks leo The grand explorer has explaned his adventure in the Daintree rainforest. He has advised to go if your wandering where to go, go to the Daintree but he has stressed at fact that people litter ,making much of this place a littering zone. The native owners have looked after this majestic forest for many years so why do we have to wreak it please look after it to.
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