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-:- Meeting SEOUL Expats -:-

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We add here out self-assessment after having done this quite innovative project for us.

Learner 1:

TOTAL xxxxx /100
1. Team work (15%) .......................................xxxx points
2. Presentation skill & content (10%) .......... xxxx points
3. Lay-out (newsletter) (10%) ........................xxxx points
4. Oral recordings (25%) ...............................xxxx points
5. Written skills and content (25%) points
6. How much you have learned (15%).........xxxx points


Welcome to our WEBquest. Meet first our hosts: Erik Moynihan andTiffany Needham

As an experienced visitor, you will grow up creating your own stories,

so that your entries would be:

either written texts in different formats, or

in recorded audio/video files!

ACTIVITY 1. Tiffany and Eryk

INTRO. Let's Learn about other facets of SEOUL, the biggest city in Korea.

Imagine there is a fat chance for you to move next semester in the city!

STEP-1A. Read a webpage & write

Read the link below and select the 3 aspects (out of 14) you find more interesting for you.

Write in your blog ENTRY_01 stating why you chose them.

STEP-1B. Listen to the video and answer questions 1-5

Get to know your two guides in episode 1. The expat life to this AWESOME city with a double answer questions task:

We introduce Erik and Tiffany and discover a little bit about their story and why they are in Korea.

Here you will have to see the first 8 minutes of the video twice, until their first guest, Hassan turns up.

TASK: Watch the first 8 minutes at this link:

ANSWER THESE 5 QUESTIONS about Erik and Tiffany

STEP-1C. Listen to the video and answer questions 6-10

Get to know our first two EXPATS_ Hassan and Tory

TASK: Watch the last 15 minutes once.

STEP-1D. Read a webpage & write

Write in your blog a 12-line ENTRY_02, stating FIVE things you enjoyed about our hosts

AND another 12-line ENTRY_03 with TWO things that surprised you from what Hassan said and other TWO from what Tory said.

Activity 2. Expats lives

Before you continue to listen about the life of expats in Semipermanent .... and record your voice:

STEP-2A. Listen to the video and record yourself

Get to know someone who gives you a glimpse of 13 things that may surprise you about the city:

TASK: WATCH this 7-minute video

What to expect: First impressions of Korea. by Korean Junkies

Rehearse before recording yourself at ENTRY_04.

with a final version of a 2-minute selection from the 13 topics he offered:

use this resource/tool to record your voice:

Continue to listen about the life of expats in Semipermanent. Get to know more about the city and its expat dwellers:

Read a webpage & write

Write in your blog ENTRY_05, stating your choices.

Answer: OUR CHOICES are:

name1 + Episode xxx // name2 + Episode xxx // name3 + Episode xxx (name4 + Episode xxx)

STEP-2C. Listen to the selected videos and answer questions

SEVERAL Episodes on Semipermanent Seoul.

ACTIVITY-2C-KEY. Check the answers here

STEP-2D. Listen to the videos and record your voice:

Rehearse before recording yourself at ENTRY_06)

for every learner with their own recording (groups of 3 = 3 recordings).

React to the content of the Semipermanent programme of your choice with a 3-minute speech each.

use this resource/tool to record your voice:

STEP-2E. Create your newsletter with blogger/smore & add your work:

Revise your work (ENTRY_01 to ENTRY_06) and fill out the six final versions of your team.

Activity 3. Bites of Culture

STEP-3A. Watch a 3-minute video and record your reaction to it

A singular Korean feature.

Rehearse before recording yourself at ENTRY_07 where you inform the audience about the content of the video and your reaction to it!

TASK: Watch this video on the link below:

Revise your ENTRY_07 using the aid below and fill out the final versions of your team.

Read from webpages and take notes

Korea: a modern country inside an old culture.

Read each of these THREE themes offered below. Explore each link for 20 minutesand take notes on your notebook.

STEP-3C. Condense the notes & write

Write in your blog an TRIPLE ENTRY_08_a-b-c on EACH CULTURAL theme from the three you worked above, stating reasons why Korean life is surprising; comparing THREE surprising things which you would like to be transfered to our country.

One done by a different member of the team. Now revise your ENTRY_08 and fill out the final versions of your team.

Activity 4. Q & A

STEP-4A. Work as a team to listen & write Q & A.

HELP to know another episode on EXPATS. Now, you know about 4 (or 5) of the 20 episodes on SEMIPERMANENT.

STEP-4B. Being reflective: Condense the content & write

Read the link below and select the 7 aspects (out of 50) which were mentioned/visited somehow in our webquest

Write in your blog ENTRY_10(a-b-c), each member of the team chooses ONE.

Now revise your ENTRY_10(a-b-c) and fill out the final versions of your team.

Activity 5. End-product

Reaching the end-product with a couple of entries: a creative video and a RADIO Programme: Be surprised your creativity and resourcefulness ...most of the time, in a funny and entertaining way, you get into work and later we will see where it takes you.

STEP-5A. Video on Amada/Amadeus/Speech_Presentation

Create in your blog a VIDEO at ENTRY_11.

STEP-5B. Create a RADIO programme

Audio - Radio days from SEOUL

Record a radio program in your blog at ENTRY_012, with a final version of a 6-7 minutes interview with one conductor and the other members of the team on the things you enjoyed in the process (its roles are a choice of yours).

Add the questions you prepared for the interview aswell.

STEP-5C. Edit newsletter (with assessment)

Revise your work (ENTRY_07 to ENTRY_12) and check you got the enhanced versions of your team.

Edit headings, titles, photos, etc to polish your outcome.

Now that you have finished, add assessment (see assessement page in our webquest)

from each member of the team at beginning of your Newsletter.

STEP-5D. Ready to make a real presentation of your newsletter to your classmates.