Intentional deception for gain

What fraud looks like...

There are 3 main types of fraud, they are;

Phishing and Smishing fraud- phishing is fake emails to try to get you to provide personal/account information. smishing is fake text messages to try and get to to provide personal/account information.

Retail/Auction fraud- when someone buys something online but they never get it. they just take your money and account info and sent you a brick inside a box when you bought a lap top.

Working at home fraud- when someone offers you a job that you can do at home and get your account info and then never pays you but sends you a book to teach you how to rip-off others like what happened to you.

How to avoid being a victim of fraud...

Someways to prevent fraud against you is by;

  • not giving away/relying to emails with your personal information
  • researching institutions, know more about the sites you are buying things from
  • if its to good to be true, then its probably fraud

don't get your identity stolen because you want to buy a new pair of shoes!


Jessica Juluson

thanks to;

Google for images

Andy Coleman for info