Google Drive and Docs Basics

What is Google Drive?

A cloud based word processing and file storage utility.

Unlimited storage with a GAFE account!

Can access from any device.

Collaborate with others.

Meet the new Google Drive

How do I get to "my drive"?


2. app viewer (9 box grid) top right corner

3. app launcher (9 box grid) top left corner

What comes with Google Drive?

Docs - word processor (Word)

Sheets - spreadsheet (Excel)

Slides - presentation (Power Point)

Forms - questionaire/survey (data linked to spreadsheet)

Drawings - create shapes, diagrams, and flowcharts

Google Drive apps

Drive Main Menu

Big image
A Search bar enables you to search for any file or folder to which you have


B Drive menu enables you to select the container you wish to view.

C View menu enables you to see the contents of the Drive container that you


D Drive format menu, including View options (list or grid), sort, and other


"New" dropdown menu

Create a new docs, sheet or slide

Upload a new file/folder

When a file or folder is selected, the icon menu is expanded:

1 Create a link that can be used in an email or web page.
2 Provide access rights to the file to other users.
3 Open the file or folder in Google Viewer.
4 Remove the file or folder.
5 More actions, which offers additional options.

Google Drive on your Desktop

Google Drive for your Mac/PC is an application that installs a folder on your computer like other folders on your computer with one big difference -- automatic syncing with your Google Drive on the web.

What is Google Docs?

An online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time.

You may hear "Google docs" refer to all of the productivity tools (word processing, spreadsheets and presentations) or just the word processing tool...a little confusing.

Sharing in Google Docs

Sharing...Who can see?

1. Private (sharing is turned off)

2. Specific people you invite (in your domain, user must log in)

3. Anyone with the link (provided/shared by you)

4. Public (anyone can see)

Big image

Sharing...What can they do with the shared file/folder?

1. Can edit - You give the person full rights to edit, remove, change, invite others or make a copy of you file/folder.

2. Can comment - Can comment but cannot edit file/folder, and can make a copy

(file > make a copy)

3. Can view - Viewers cannot make changes or delete the file/folder but can still make a


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Group sharing

Use the following group email addresses to share a file or folder with multiple people in our domain at one time.

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