By: Natalia Paz


My name is Natalia Paz and I'm 14 years old. I was born August 3 in 2001. I've lived in Justin Texas pretty much my whole life. I have 3 other siblings. My older sister is in 10th grade at Northwest High school and my 2 younger sisters are in elementary school at Clara Love. My parents have been divorced for 2 years now and I live with my mom.

My Heritage

My mom was born in Mexico and she has family that lives there. My father was born in Peru and also has some family that lives there. His brother lives here and sometimes we go to visit. I was born in Texas but I'm Hispanic and Peruvian.

My favorite things

My favorite kind of food is Mexican or Peruvian. My favorite place is Italy because one day I want to go visit and live there for a couple of years. I also have a German Shepherd and his name is King.

My favorite quote would have to be...... Invest in yourself first expect nothing from no one and be willing to work for everything.

Pet Peeves

A few pet peeves I have is when someone uses a word they don't know, when people smack their gum, and when people are overly sensitive.