All Students Need School Librarians

Michigan -- May 2019 Update

Michigan School Library Coalition

All of Michigan's students need equitable access to effective school libraries staffed by certified school librarians!

School librarians:

  • Improve student achievement especially reading achievement
  • Improve college and career readiness by:

* Teaching research and information literacy skills

* Teaching digital citizenship skills

  • Lead and support technology integration

School Library Month

Governor Whitmer declared April as School Library Month in Michigan! April is also School Library month nationally. MAME members celebrated School Library Month by sharing the great things happening in school libraries in Michigan and by holding special events with our students in our libraries.

Education Trust-Midwest Announces Support for School Library Bills

On April 30, the Education Trust-Midwest announced their support for the three house bills that would support equitable access to school libraries and certified library media specialists:

The three bills were introduced in the House by Representatives Darrin Camilleri, Matt Koleszar, and Kristy Pagan.

Thank You, Coalition Members for Your Support!

The Michigan Library Association (MLA) also announced support for the three-bill package. Other organizations such as the Michigan Reading Association (MRA), the Michigan Parent Teacher Association, the Michigan Academic Library Association (Mi-ALA), the Michigan Cooperative Directors Association (MCDA), and the Michigan Council for Teachers of English (MCTE) have shared information about the bills with their members. Thank you! Please keep sharing information about support for school libraries/librarians. (See below.)

MAME Meets with Other Organizations

MAME continues to meet with other organizations.

MAME held meetings with Michigan ASCD, REMC, and the Michigan Education Association (MEA) as well as the Michigan Department of Education to talk about support for equitable access to effective school libraries for all students in Michigan.

  • The American Association for School Librarians (AASL) has been a long-standing partner in ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative. Along with Literacy, and P-8, the Whole Child is now a priority of the Michigan Department of Education. MAME has developed an informational sheet about how School Libraries Support the Whole Child.

These resources can be shared with your members and also with Local School Boards, Superintendents, School Administrators, and others.

What Your Organization Can Do to Support School Libraries

  • If you have not already, write a statement of support for school libraries (or for the school library bills). Samples include:
    1. Michigan State Board of Education Resolution in Support of School Libraries

    2. Michigan Library Cooperative Directors Association Statement of Support

    3. Michigan Reading Association Statement of Support

    4. Michigan Academic Library Association Statement of Support

    5. Education Trust-Midwest Support for School Library Bill

  • Continue to Pass On the Call to Action. Continue to ask your members to send emails to their legislators to support the school library bills. EveryLibrary has created a page to make it easy to do so at this link:

  • If you have not done so already, send an email/letter from your organization to the House Education Committee Chairperson, Pamela Hornberger ( to request a hearing on these bills.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Also, please let us know what actions your organization has taken.

Email Kathy at

Thank you so much for your support!