Book review for Edge

By: Jasraj Bedi

In Zachary’s life he has to manage his family, social, and school life. And he deals with daily life problems. This book Edge by: Michael Cadnum begins with a student in high school going through daily problems. I enjoyed this book because the mysterious plot adds a twist which keeps you in suspense. This ending is different from all other books.

Zachary is a teenager just like most of us that has problems daily. Later on in the book one of his loved ones gets shot and lays in the hospital with a bullet in his spine. He thought he had lost everyone but goes out to find the suspect. He goes out on a dangerous mission and is ready. He finds out that the law can't touch the man who caused this incident. Maybe its time to let justice be done.

My overall reaction to this book was great. This plot is great for people who love mysteries. This book is great for mystery lovers because it keeps you in suspense and keeps you through the book. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a great that will keep them interested. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.


Reading Level: 6.4

AR Points: 7.0

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