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Stay out of the courtroom


~This young female injured a player on the field therefore she was on trial for injuring the player the players parents sued the female for damages.~


~ While the court trials were going on many people were summon in court, meaning someone had to appear in court.~


~For the reasons that Nathan gave I would dismiss the appeal, this applies to higher court if another court makes a decision.


Nathan and Sergei plead the 5th amendment to set action to there statement of what they did, stealing balloons from a store is a bad crime.~


~The judge called a mediation because the debate about the case was getting intense the two attorneys were thankful for this time to get their minds back together.~


~The case got so intense, the debating back and forth no one new what was going so the judge called in an arbitration to settle the debate.~


~ There were many officers above me but they did nothing so I decided to file an complaint to see if I could possibly get a higher ranking.~

~Pretrial Conference~

~The two attorneys were defending there clients but the judge decided to call this a pretrial conference because it wasn't a serious as the other cases that were being held.~

~Perponderence of Evidence~

~ There was a lot of evidence against this case many people were confused because this wasn't a non-criminal trial, because not having a jury and barely a judge affects a case, this also none as perponderence of evidence.~
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