2014-2015 Exhibition Update

Our Wellness: Ringing the Well Bell!

Week 4 Update

Greetings from 5M, 5P, and 5S Classrooms!

We have launched our next phase, "Pulling It Altogether" this week. During this phase, students pull together their research, synthesize the information they have gathered, and think of the message they would like to give to their audience. In thinking that, they begin to identify the most effective way to convey their messages. To this end, this week we:

1. Thought of three possible ways to present our information to our audience, and evaluated our options by thinking of pros and cons for each.

2. Determined the best possible way to convey our message.

3. Learned about two possible ways, among many, to use story boards: as an idea generation tool, and as a revision tool.

4. Started drafting our presentation using tools provided in Google Drive- docs, sheets, and slides.

5. Remembered to focus on the PROCESS, and reflect on how it's going.

EXHIBITION SCHEDULE: Thank you for responding to our call. We will send you the final Exhibition Presentation schedule shortly!

How can I support what's going on in the classroom?

Tip 1: Offer a willing set of ears. Listen to your child's reflections: what is going well, and what needs improvement. Celebrate their thought-process, and model your problem-solving techniques.

Tip 2: Offer a wiling set of eyes. Look at your child's visual creative piece. Let your child know how you are perceiving the message they're trying to craft. Does it match with what they're attempting to convey?

Tip 3: Be an audience! Ask your child to share their part of the presentation. Think of strategies that help you put together a presentation- whether a toast at a celebration, a set of financials reporting at a board meeting, or just a speech at a family dinner. Share your experience(s) with your child.

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