What is the water cycle?

It never stops!

Water Cycle

Never ending cycle of water leaving and returning to it.

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Precipitation


When the sun/heat source heats up water (e.g. river, lake, puddle) and it turns to water vapor. Liquid - Gas.


When the air (clouds) become too full of water and makes precipitation. (e.g like a sponge)


Water falls back to earth from clouds (e.g, rain, snow, hail, sleet and lands in a lake or other bodies of water. And it is moisture falling to earth from the clouds.


When water vapor (gas) cools to become a liquid. When cool water is in a bottle on a hot day it is like the water bottle is sweating. Gas - Liquid.


Falls to Earth as frozen ice crystals temperature must be near or below 32°F


It falls to earth ace ice and it hurts. They form in violent thunderstorms. They begin in clouds as small balls of ice crystals. Then as they fall through really cold cloud droplets they can form layers of ice like onions. Some can be as big as softballs before they hit the ground.


Water falls to Earth as drops of water. The temperature must be above 32°F. A raindrop contains a million times more water than a tiny cloud droplet. When it falls it looks like a hamburger.

Water vapor

It is the gas form of water caused by evaporation. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes you cant. You can see it when it is foggy out. You cant see it when it is clear.


The amount of water vapor (gas form of water) in the air

warm air = more humidity it is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

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