We aren't Jewish.

non-Jewish victims of The Holocaust

Not only were Jews killed.

  • Political opponents
  • Roma ( Gypsies ) ----------------------------------------------->
  • Poles
  • Christian church leaders who opposed Nazis
  • Jahovah's witnesses
  • male homosexuals
All of these groups of innocent people were also victims of The Holocaust.

Why were non-Jews included in The Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler for some reason aimed to kill anyone in his way, anyone who disagreed with him and his stated opinions. Hitler killed around eleven million innocent people. Roma gypsies were actually a group to kill chosen because of their race. They were of Jewish race, and Hitler believed that any type of Judaism that could continue on, needed to be completely annihilated. He also wanted to conquer all of Europe, where the Jews originated, to be completely sure that their religion was demolished. An abundance of people were killed because of their courage against the Nazis. Hitler wanted to create a religion where Jesus Christ would not be worshipped. He expected his followers to worship Nazi ideology. Hitlers plan had no room for male homosexuals, so he tortured and killed around 5 to 15 thousand of them. The disabled people as well were killed because Hitler didn't see the need to keep them and pay for their medical bills when he could just kill them for free. Hitler did not allow interracial marriages, he gave them the choice to divorce and if they refused he would put them in concentration camps where most of them, including a lot of other innocent people, took their last breath. In conclusion Hitler is a self absorbed psychopath.