Betsy Ross

Zernesh Hulvey

3 Important Facts

Family Life

Betsy was the 8th child of 17 children. She was also the 4th of her generation.

It was also not common to have 17 children so they stuck out.

Role in Revolution

They needed the flag because they wanted to feel strong that why the

needed Betsy because they knew that she was a really good sewer and they

knew she went to school to.

Life After Revolution

After the war we didn't have to pay British taxes we won the war.

And a lot of people were proud of Betsy's work because it was the symbol of the colonists.We should be Proud to because the things people did to save us.

Famous For

Sewing the American flag and making history in our nation a lot of people remember her as Betsy just Betsy.