Road to Perseverance

Katie Kim

How could a US citizen and an immigrant have anything in common?

Louis vs. Oscar: Spare Parts

Compare & Contrast

The story of two boys and their CONVICTION in each other and a ROV.

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A Boy With Cardboard and an Imagination

Caine's Arcade

Cause & Effect

Caine was just a kid who loved arcades. He stopped in every one he passed. His dad has an auto parts store and he had many cardboard boxes in the back. The boxes caused an idea in Caine's head. Why don't I build an arcade of my own? He thought. That is what he did. He never got any customers though. For some this may mean FALTERING, but nothing stopped Caine. Slow business, caused Caine to be more AMBITIOUS then before. Every weekend he sat out in his chair and waited.

One day, Caine did get a customer. Caine affected and caused this customer to want to make a short film about Caine. This film was released to the public and millions watched it. As a result, Caine got all the customer in the world. Lots of people all over support him because of the short film. Caine also affects and causes other kids all over the world to use their imaginations to create things of their own.

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Highs and lows of life: A violinist's perspective

Nadja on my Way

Problem & solution

Nadja was firsts given a violin by her mother at a very young age. She loved it and quickly excelled. She went on to collage at Julliard but faced an ADVERSITY right away. She took herself and her talent for granted. This was such a big conflict because other students were passing her up and she wasn't going anywhere. Her self confidence was so low that her talent started going downhill, and she eventually quit. It seemed like there was no hope for her. Her solution then came around, Cecile. All it took was three words. "Don't Give up." Cecile spoke through the phone to Nadja. The 1981 Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition was 2 months in counting. Even though Nadja wasn't ready, she was AMBITIOUS to do her best. This was her chance to prove that her problem won't define her.

Nadja worked so hard and that problem didn't define her. Nadja had won the 1981 Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition along with the three thousand dollars and all of the solo performances. She also made her own recording and within a year she played 100 concerts and traveled to Europe.

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Firework, or Failure?

Katy Perry's Story


Katy went though many difficult situations, but that never stopped her from having RESOLVE.

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should you ever say goodbye to your best friend?

Story of Sam and Felix's friendship


Sam is eleven years old and battles leukemia. Felix is also battling cancer. The two met in in a hospital and have been causing trouble ever since. When Felix's time comes to YIELD, Sam was OVERWHELMED. He didn't know how to be RESILIENT. The only thing that kept Sam PERSISTENT was Felix. Even though he was gone, Sam knew what he would have wanted. One example of this is Sam being there for Ella. When Ella came into his room that night, he had to be there and be strong for Ella when she was upset about Felix. Another example of this is at Felix's funeral. Sam didn't cry or get upset at the funeral. Sam didn't do either of these things because he knew Felix would have wanted everybody to be happy. This shows Sam PERSEVERING through Felix's death.

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