My soccer team

By Caroline Pevonka

How my soccer team relates to Psychology!

Asch (Line experiment)

The Asch experiment relates to my soccer team because it deals with conformity and group think. When I'm at practice and I don't understand a drill, I just do exactly what my teammates in front of me are doing. Although they may be doing it wrong, I trust their instincts more than I trust my own in that moment of time. This relates to the Asch experiment because in that experiment the "real subject" most of the time says whatever the other people (assistants of the experiment) say due to conformity and group think.

Zimbardo (prison experiment)

The Zimbardo experiment relates to my soccer team because it deals with deindividuation and obedience. This sense of deindividuation is seen greatly on my soccer team. When we win a game 1-0 because Ali scored, Ali did not win the game, the TEAM won. We are seen as a group of soccer players, not individuals. The experiment as a whole relates to how we play following our coaches orders. Whatever he tells us to do, we try our very best to do, which is obedience. Even though we are not extremely violent or physical girls normally, we are physical and relentless on the soccer field when our coach tells us to be and when our teammates around us are acting in this way. This relates to Zimbardo's experiment because his subjects were not usually violent and cruel but they began to act this way because others around them were doing the same.

Milgram (obedience experiment)

The milgram experiment dealt with reaction to authority and obedience. In this experiment the teachers were told my an authority figure to do something against their morals (shocking students), and most of them did it anyways. This relates to my soccer team because my coach really wants to win coach of the year again. The pressure on him from his authority figures (the people that elect him) makes him do things that he usually wouldn't do. Even when we win all of our games he makes us do a lot of running and fitness at practice which is very painful and not fun for us.


Conformity is seen a lot on my soccer team. At practice, when the captains and upperclassmen are focused, the rest of the team is focused. On the other side, when the captains and upperclassmen are slacking off, the rest of the team follows in our footsteps.


My coach is the authority figure for my team. We listen to whatever he says and obey him because he is the one that chooses the starting line up and he is also the one who decides how much fitness we have to do at practice.


Obedience is seen every day on my team. From showing up to practice when we are told, to executing our duties on the field. We always obey our coaches orders.

Fundamental Attribution Error

During practice, one of my teammates stepped went in for a tackle and stepped on my toe. I automatically assumed that she did it on purpose because she had been mad at me all week. Now that I look back on it, I have realized it was probably just an accident.

Self Serving Bias

Last season, we won several games in a row and our coach said it was due to our hard work and ability to work as a team. The next game, we lost 0-1. He said that it "just wasn't our night" and that the game was in the hands of the referees. He congratulated our success and blamed our loss on things outside of our control.

Group think

Last week we had midterms. I usually study for several days for these. We also had 3 games that week and due to group think, and my desire to do my best and play my best for my team, I decided to not study. Because I was so caught up in maintaining group cohesiveness I lost my ability to make good judgments (I should have studied).

Group polarization

We play New Hanover every year in soccer. They are our rival school and it is always a good game. Everyone on my team was excited for the game. When we all got together in the locker room before our game the coach gave us a pep talk and we all chimed in, at the end of our team discussion we were more pumped up and excited to play than we ever were before. This shows how the initial attitude was bolstered and the group was more polarized after our pre-game meeting.