Expedition News

Grade 5 September 2015

Day three

Day three began with quiet expectation for our day of isolation on survivor island. The heavy sea swell continued today so we altered our destination and became shipwrecked on the headland, an ideal spot with lots of shade. Snorkelling activity went ahead in a sheltered bay, there was less to see by the activity was enjoyed by all with pairs of children going out with a teacher on a 15 minute course.

Once shipwrecked the children set about building their shelters, lighting fires - with tremendous success and building SOS signs for passing aircraft. "Local villagers" helped us to find food and cook some lunch which we ate from coconut shells that we found on the beach. We have been ever so impressed by the co-operation and unity that we have seen today from all of the children.

Back at the centre the day has ended with a wonderful bbq and entertainment show from the team, it even included some amazingly creative fire dancers,

The children are all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning, we leave after breakfast. What a wonderful few days we have had, there should be many stories on our return.

A reminder that we are due back at school at 1pm at the High School fountain.

Please remember that your child will have his/her passport in hand. Please collect medication from nurse Elizabeth.

We will keep the school office updated on our progress, please keep an eye out for messages, we can be affected by traffic or immigration delays at Woodlands.