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December 8, 2017

". . . I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve".

At the end of the 1970 docudrama Tora! Tora! Tora!, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (Soh Yamamura) rises to his feet in a conference room aboard his flagship the Nagato to the applause of his staff after congratulations to Yamamoto is broadcast over Japanese commercial radio, but he is not happy. In fact, he is troubled and explains that he has learned Japan’s ultimatum off negotiations with the US government had not been delivered before the attack took place! He then notes that he could not think of anything else that would enrage America more and then adds “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Mr. Handshoe shared this quote as a part of his lesson Thursday on Pearl Harbor. The timing of this lesson and sharing of this quote coinciding with the decision handed down by the IN State Board of Education approving the new requirements mandating that students do more to graduate from high school ignited a chain of thoughts for me.

I know this decision faced great opposition and evokes concern and fear in many educators state-wide concerning what the implications will be for our students and schools. I share these concerns and fears. But as I listened to Mr. Handshoe share this quote and talk about the effects that Pearl Harbor had on our nation, a joining together of all Americans to stand as one against the opposition, I wondered if this should not be our approach to the inevitable changes that are coming as a result of this decision.

Central Noble, like many other districts across the state, need to begin strategic planning now to help ensure we are ready for these new requirements. While we have not been a "sleeping giant" by any means in our daily work with students, rather than fear the implications of this poor decision, now is the time for us to come together as ONE and show the State Board, our parents, our students, our school community that this decision has filled us with "terrible resolve" and we stand together, ready to face the challenge.

In the weeks and months ahead, look for opportunities to be a part of the planning process. Think about your strengths, share creative and innovative thoughts and ideas, and send the unified message that this giant, CN Jr/Sr High School, is awake, filled with resolve, and preparing to meet these new challenges head on!
- We have an idea about how to meet the challenges of the new graduation requirements. - It's risky but it's bold and it puts students first.

- We are dedicated educators, we don't have time for bull!

- Fire away ladies and gentlemen let's get started!

Thank you Fine Arts Department for a Wonderful Winter Program!

Thank you Michelle Thiele for all of your hardwork on test coordination and thank you teachers for all of your work!

Great "We Are One" group effort meeting the needs of our adopted Christmas Families!

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Best Wishes Elly Johnson on your new position @ Garrett MS!

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