" The Humming Bird and The Bear"

Moral/ life lesson: Sometimes the smallest people are the greatest people

There once was a bear. The bear was the toughest, strongest, and meanest in the forest. Then there was the humming bird, she would just collect her nectar and help pollinate plants. She was very fast and smart.

One day the bear was trying to show his strength. The bear defeated the tiger and ate him. Sadly the tiger was very sick. Then, the bear grew very sick. The bear could not get out of his den. He was very sick.

The bear had always been so rude to the humming bird because she was so small, so the humming bird always ignored him. The humming bird saw that that he was very sick and needed help. The humming bird flew as fast as she could and returned with oak tree bark. She told the big, strong bear to eat it, and he did. The bear always appreciates her now because she saved his life even though the bear had always been mean to her.

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