Black Ice

Becca Fitzpatrick


The book I lately finished is Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. The book is about a girl named Britt Pheiffer who is going on a trip with her best friend Korbie. They get trapped on the way to Idlewilde in a blizzard in the mountains, so they have to go out and look for help. They tried really hard looking for a cabin and they finally find one. But they found out that the cabin belonged to Mason, a guy who Britt met earlier and Mason's friend Shaun. But then they kidnapped Britt and Korbie because they wanted to get out of the mountains but they didn't know the way, they didn't want anyone to see them. So Mason and Shaun take Britt with them but left Korbie at the cabin. On their way, Calvin (Britt's ex-boyfriend) finds Shaun and kills him, but it was too late for Calvin to find Britt. Britt has to find her way to Idlewilde with Mason. Will she ever make it? Or will she die in the cold?

A connection I can make is when Britt faced her fears when she when she was kidnapped and forced to stay in the cold mountains and show Mason and Shaun the way down the mountain without being seen.She was be really scared when she had to stay there in the blizzard for four days. This connects to myself because I faced my fears too.

I can infer that Shaun killed the 3 girls because the description of who killed them was the same as Shaun. Blonde hair, blue eyes, broken nose, and a black stetson hat. Shaun had all those things. And when Britt was in their cabin, she saw in the storage room there was a dead body, and Britt was pretty sure it was Lauren Huntsman, because she looked the same as when the news was on about Lauren.

I can infer that Mason is trying to help Britt, not trying to use Britt to get him out of the mountains. Britt thinks he is trying to use her because he suddenly started to act nice and kind when just hours ago he kidnapped her. But it was Shaun who was aggressive with her, not Mason. Mason even left some food behind for Korbie when Shaun wouldn't let him, even though she was going to stay there for two days.


So far I have read 16 books this year. No I am not proud of my accomplishments because there are only 2 months left of school and I haven't even read half the books I needed to. My pan to get to 40 books this year is to read everyday for at least 30 minutes. I can also make a chart of how much i read everyday. That way I can improve how much I read.