What to Expect

By:Victoria *Hour:5*

First Trimester

This trimester the mothers well go through a lot of body changes. For instance your breasts well become tender because the body is preparing to breast feed. You well feel yourself going to the bathroom more. You might feel some dizziness, which is totally normal. Your body well start to have food cravings also. You might even feel more tired, which you need as much rest as you can get.

Now for the baby, during month one trimester one, the baby starts to form some of their facial features. By the end of month one the baby should be around 6-7 mm long. This is about the size of a grain of rice. (Wow that’s small) During month two the baby’s facial features are still developing. Their neutral tube is well formed. Also the embryo begins to move, but the mother does not feel it. At the end of month two your baby is now a fetus. It's about 2.54 (1 Inch) long, and weighs about 9.45g (1/3 ounce), and a third of the babies weight is in its head. Now by the end of the third month the baby should be fully formed. The babies reproductive organs also develop and there liver starts to work. Which now your baby is about 7.6-10cm long and weighs about 28g.

Second Trimester

Again for the mothers your breasts well grow and your belly well grow also. You might also notice that you start to have dark spots on your breast and you inner thighs. You might start to develop stretch marches as your stomach starts to grow. You might feel some dizziness, short of breath, and Leg cramps, which these are normal to be feeling.

Now for the baby, the baby well start to develop hair, which protects the baby and they well usually lose this hair in the first week of their lives. Also you well start to feel the baby move because it is developing muscles and is exercising them. Your baby well start to be able to hear sounds and you may also notice if your baby hiccups a little bit of a jerking movement, so don't freak out. Also this is when you can find out if you’re having a Boy or a Girl. You well be able to see your baby’s toes, fingers, and there body shape because they are becoming denser.

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Third Trimester

For the mom's you might start to have back pains because your baby is gaining weight and your carring all that weight. You might feel some shortness of breath. You also might get heart burn which is completely normal at this stage. There might be some swelling, which to reduce this you can just sit and rest your feet on a foot rest. You also well need to use the restroom more often.

Now for the baby, your babies hearing have fully developed. Your baby in the third trimester well be becoming fully developed. Your baby might start to kick more. Also the baby well be possisoning its self for delivery. The baby is facing the birth canal now.

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