Anti Federalists

AntiFederalists have changed todays government in many ways.

The Anti-Federalists, a.k.a the Dempcratic Republicans, fought hard for state rights.

They fought hard because the federalists felt the government should be run by the wealthy and the educated. This all took place before Horace Mann put public school into action.

Most of the common people (Farmers, plantation owners,and settlers) were anti-federalists who were not being heard because the wealthy and educated people in the high positions of government, didn't care about them. The anti- federalists believed that there would be too many interests competing for the attention of the government, that eventually one interest would over power the rest, making the others go unvoiced. Giving the states most of the power would let more interests be heard and put into action. When the problem considering the national bank came into play, the anti-federalists were strongly opposed to it because they didn't want the national government controlling all of the money of the entire nation.

The Anti- federalists helped cause the Civil War , which also brought benefits

  • The Civil War brought the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, which banned slavery, let African- American men vote, and gave them citizenship.
  • Women's rights gained momentum after realizing that it was not impossible for African-American's to vote. Why can't they?
  • Safer surgical procedures were invented
  • Battlefront doctors improved anesthesia
  • they organized ambulance and nurse corps
  • 15,000 miles of new telegraph lines were laid down, reaching all the way to the west coast
  • Mass production of canned food , and can-openers were invented making food last longer and less expensive.

Anti-Federalists were also known as the Democratic Republicans


The anti-federalist believed that in order to produce the amount of products needed on thier farm, they needed slaves. When the cotten gin was invented, slaves were needed more than ever.Before the cotton gin was invented, each slave could clean 1 pound of cotton a day, but after they could clean 50 pounds per day. That's a 5000% increase! The textile mill boomed in north, which required more cotton, which required more slaves.

Anti-Federalists were Strongly Opposed to the Constitution

The anti-federalists believed the constitution was a threat to thier individual rights.They thought they had been tricked into writing it because they were originally called to rewrite the Articles of Confederation.The anti-federalists never ratified the constitution, so it took 10 months sfor it to become ratified. They had a very strict view on the constitution. If it didn't say you could do it, they thought you couldn't.