Ancient Greece



I learned about Ancient Greece and I learned a lot about it like the inhabitants were often sold as slaves. I hope you injoy it.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

The inhabitants were often sold as a slave.And the inhabitants kidnapped boys and men in barbarian.If a slave was well educated or could be trained to a craft,he was in the great demand.Two-fifths of the population of slaves.Slaves in Greece was a peculiar institution.

The End Of Greece City-States

Sparta tried to maintain its supremacy by keeping garrisons in many of the Greece cites. At the battle of Leuctra,in 371b.c, the Theban under their gifted commander Epaminondas put an end to the power of Sparta.Theban leadership was short-lived,
however for it to depend on the skill of the Epaminondas.When he was killed in the battle of Mantinea.Its King Philip II,who came into power in 360 b.c,had had a Greek education.

The Heritage if the Ancient Greeks

The glorious culture of the Greeks had its beginning before the rise of the city-states to wealth and power and survived long after the Greeks had lost their independence.The men of genius who left their stamp on the golden age of Greece seemed to live a life apart from the tumultuous polities and wars of their era.They spang up everywhere,in scattered colonies as well as on the Greeks peninsula.The art of the Greeks was singularly free from exaggeration. First was the determination to be guided by reason,to follow the truth wherever it led.


The slaves were sold


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