COVID-19 Updates

Ozark School District

As positive COVID-19 cases and quarantines continue to rise, we have updated our school closure process. Quarantine numbers have a significant impact on school operations including the ability to find substitutes.

  • Old wording - Closure is triggered when a building passes 5% of positive cases (not quarantine)

  • New wording - Closure is triggered when positive cases and/or quarantines lead to the inability to maintain operations

If your student is showing symptoms, stay home. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for your student to learn while away from school. Students and staff coming to school with symptoms, then later testing positive for COVID-19, are resulting in a large number of quarantine situations. Currently our highest number of positive cases and quarantines are at the junior high and high school. We are seeing significantly fewer numbers in our lower grade levels.

Please take precautions outside of school to prevent catching and spreading COVID-19. This is how we are going to decrease the amount of students on quarantine and keep our doors open.

We fully believe that holding classes in-person is what’s best for most students and want to do everything possible to ensure we continue in-person classes. If we have to go online, we will provide you as much notice as possible. This is not a decision that would be made overnight. Our job is to plan for multiple scenarios and we are doing just that. We are asking you to begin preparing yourself and your student for the possibility.

This year we are celebrating what is right. We want to celebrate that Oct. 16 marks the end of the first quarter of school and we are still here! We need to continue to work together to get through the second quarter. The unknowns are unsettling for many people. We completely understand as it is unsettling for us as well, but we will get through this together. #tigersstrongertogether

Dr. Chris Bauman, Superintendent