Apartments Cars and Taxes

By Elizabeth Lozano

Fresh Out the Box!

You're out in the world now!

You are ready to pursue your dreams and become a successful adult in society. You are ready to take on the difficulties of life head on. You've aced your classes and have been accepted into Uni. Congratulations. Now comes the first challenge: Figuring out where you're going to live.

No worries, I will guide you through everything you need to know.


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Humble Abode 🏠

Home Sweet Home. Well, maybe not so sweet once you see the price tag...yikes. If I were you, I'd aim smaller, you haven't taken over the world yet.

Here's a tip: Try looking for an apartment that is cheap and preferably close to your school; Search: Student Housing.

This is what should come up..

Gardens of Denton Apartments are brand new to the Denton, Texas area and are only minutes away from the University of North Texas, Texas Woman's University and downtown. They offer rooms that are 672 sqft.-1054 sqft. Those can include 1 bedroom/1 bathroom or 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms.
Prices are reasonable as the highest ranges $1,190-$1,260. The cheapest is $825-$895. Deposits and fees are necessary, they are 200/50.00- 300/50.00.

The pictures above are from an apartment that has 1 bedroom/1 bathroom a kitchen and a living room. It costs $900-$970. Deposit and fee is 200/50.00 and has 737 sqft total.

Cars Cars Cars 🚗

Cars are cool, they get you where you need to go even if they don't have air conditioning.

Here's another tip: Search for Used Cars, they're cheaper.

Here's a site you can use

You don't need anything fancy, as long as it gets you from point A to point B, you're good.

This is what you should look for..

  • Used, obviously
  • Something small; like a Sedan
  • Year range; the older the cheaper, although nothing to old; 2005-2008 ish
  • Prices $8,000- $10,000

Great thing about this website is that it works with finance companies who make sure they give you the cheapest price. It also offers free insurance quotes from big companies such as Geico.


Taxes. Taxes are a good thing, they're just a huge hassle to go through. If you are employed, you must write out a form, W-4 is what it's called which you then give to your employer, which then they send out to the government with your salary and how much they plan to take out. Yeah they take your money but it helps the economy.

Here it is ⇓

Words of advice..

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