Character Illustration


Eliezer is a Jewish member of his community living in Sighet, Transylvania. His family and him were ripped away from their homes and deported to the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps. Eleizer is the third child of his four siblings and is the only boy besides his father. During the story, he fights for both his and his fathers lives.

Eliezer tells his story through his own personal experience of the Holocaust. He gives us his direct perspective where the readers can learn about their life under the Nazis. As the story goes on, the Holocaust shakes his faith in God and the world around him.Also he starts to question peoples sense of justice, and during all this he conveys his terrifying experience as a prisoner at the concentration/death camps.


Sholomo is Eliezers fathers and doesn't want to loose his son. Besides Eliezer, Sholomo is the only other constant presence in the book. We do not get to hear Sholomos thoughts about his experiences since the book is in Elizers first person point of view. With the text provided we can conclude that Sholomo is growing wearing and old, but his son gives him the urge to keep fighting. Their father son daughter relationship reminds each other of love and commitment to their family. All around him he sees fellow prisoners become selfish and cruel, but Eliezer and him remind each other that there is hope.

Moshe the Beadle

Moshe the Beadle is the first character introduced in Night. He represents a stable commitment to Judaism, and Eliezer learns from his riddles about the universe. Moshes words frame Eliezers struggle for faith during dark times, like how he talks about the quest for understanding. Eliezers struggle for faith is more about a struggle of questions. He is more interested in knowing where God has gone and asking how so much evil can exist in the world. Finally, Moshe the Beadle helps Eliezer understand that his struggle is not from his loss of faith, but his ongoing struggle for commitment.


Juliek is someone who Eleizer meets while at Auschwitz, and he is a young musician who plays his heart out on the violin. Eliezer and him cross each others paths while marching to Gleiwitz. Juliek knows he is going to die on the journey, so he plays while marching. Eliezer admires him for his passion to die while doing what he loves, and he listens to Juliek before falling asleep. When Eliezer waked up Juliek had passed away playing his violin.

dr. joseph mengele

When Eliezer arrives at Auschwitz, he encounters Dr. Mengele. Mengele is a cruel doctor who held the selection of the arrivals of the Jews. He sentenced many prisioners to the gas chambers or showers, which is why he is known as the "Angel of Death". Also Mengele directed horrific experiments on humans at the camp, and was very greedy for gold. When he found out that Eliezer had a gold tooth he had it extracted. Later, they fired Dr. Mengele because authorities realized that he was collecting gold for his own personal wealth.


Idek was Eliezers Kapo at the electrical equipment warehouse in Buna. He was a prisoner directed by the Nazis to police other prisoners in the camp. Kapos were treated just as cruel, but they had power over prisoners so they could take it out on them. Eliezer was working in the factory one day and happened to walk in on Idek and a polish girl. Since Eliezer saw them, Idek warned him not to tell anyone or he would be whipped. Even though he did not tell anybody, Eliezer ends up being whipped because he was trying to protect his father.