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You typically have to have a bachelors degrees in any subject. You also have to have thousands of hours of flight time previous to being hired.

Average salary

They make $118,070.

What do Airline Pilots do?

Airline pilots fly passengers and/or cargo on long or short-haul flights for leisure, business or commercial purposes. The aircraft is typically operated by two pilots; one will be the captain who is the pilot in command, while the other will be the supporting first officer.

Job Outlook

The number of airline pilots is supposed to grow 5%

Knowledge Areas

Know how to fly a plane.


Flying a plane.

Working Condition

You will be away from your family and home a lot, and will have a very stressful working environment, as there are people depending on you.

Related Occupations

Flight Attendant

Air Traffic Control

Why I want to be an Airline pilot

I want to be an airline pilot because I like to help people, and I would help people by getting them places on time.