By: Alivia Short

An important year of Christianity

in AD 131 the emperor of Constantine made christianity legal, and for the first time they were aloud to openly worship.

Why I think this topic should be learned?

  • Tells you about the life of christ
  • how to be saved
  • it tells you to be loyal

How did Christianity impact Roman Empire?

Nero wanted to kill all christians. That made the citizens number go way down. Nero worshiped Gods too.

other topics that are connected to Christianity

  • Mosaic
  • Nero
  • Colosseum
  • Constantine

Questions I have.

  • Why did they get killed
  • Why did they have to hide to worship
  • Why did Nero hate christians

Museum display ideas.

I want to do Mosaic. Why because I was thinking to use stain glass for Christianity. Plus it looked really cool, and mosaic is related to christianity.

Why did Christianity changed the Roman Empire?

  • impacted a lot of people
  • people died
  • had there won beliefs

Why do I think this topic should be learned.

This topic should be learned because when your a christian now you don't have to worry about be killed. You have freedom to actually worship God and Jesus.