Rankin Bulletin

January 4, 2016!! - Bulletin #18

Welcome Back!! The First Week of the Year In Review!

I hope you had an opportunity to relax and enjoy your family and friends during the winter break!

Monday: New Specials

Tuesday: NCI @ 8:15 am

Wednesday: 5th grade ELA training

Thursday: 4th grade ELA training; Lock Down drill # 2

We are starting the year in a great building with exceptional staff in place. Our teachers are hard working and dedicated. We have filled our tutor positions, kitchen position, and custodial position so our support staff is in place to support students.

I have established a "Mindset" challenge this year to commit to working with those in our education world to focus on growing myself and our students. When we all improve we all grow......Have a great 2016!


Lori Harrower has given me permission to share that she has announced her retirement effective January 15th. She will work her last 10 days of January at Dillon and CA Middle School but I wanted to share her news with her Rankin colleagues. She will be working in the next few weeks to get her materials sorted & collected so you may see her in the building. Congratulations Lori and enjoy your retirement!