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Hi, today I will be talking about the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve. This swamp is located at 28057 FL-471, Webster, FL 33597. This is a swamp where you can go as a field trip and as a family vacation. Some facts about this swamp is that it is 110,000 acres, there are also some limited access to hunting there, and you are not allowed to use roller skates there or bring a pet.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic variables are terrestrial ecosystem. This abiotic variables has soil that is bad for other plants but it is good for the plants that live near that swamp. The average temperature of this swamp is 15 to 35 Degrees Centigrade. This park has saltwater in the swamp. This swamps humidity is 73% - 79%.


Swamps are not enemies :-)

Biotic Factors

Plants from this swamp that are biotic are woody trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. The animal from this swamp that is biotic is the american alligator.

American Alligators (used to be endangered)

Domain: Eukaryote

kingdom: Animal

Phylum: Chordate

Class: Reptile

Order: Crocodiles

Family: Alligators

Genus: Alligators

Species: A. mississippiensis