Lake Whitney

"In the heart of Texas"

Ty Nabors

General Fishing


The fishing is great at Lake Whitney...

Texas Parks and Wildlife says that fishing in Lake Whitney is excellent for Striped Bass, White Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Catfish. Fishing is good in Lake Whitney for Largemouth Bass, Crappie and Sunfish.

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Alligator Gar

Daily Bag:1

No Minimum Length

Certain areas may be temporarily closed to alligator gar fishing when optimum spawning conditions occur. Get details. Also see notes on Lawful Archery Equipment.


The combined limit for any combination of largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe and spotted bass is 5 fish per day.

Largemouth & smallmouth

Minimum Length:

14 inches

Spotted & Guadalupe

No Minimum Length

Striped & hybrid striped

(also known as Palmetto or Sunshine bass)

Daily Bag:

5 in any combination

Minimum Length:

18 inches

White bass

Daily Bag:


Minimum Length:

10 inches

Yellow bass

Daily Bag:

No limit

No Minimum Length


Channel, blue, their hybrids & subspecies

Daily Bag:

25 in any combination

Minimum Length:

12 inches


Daily Bag:


Minimum Length:

18 inches


White, black, their hybrids & subspecies

Daily Bag:

25 (in any combination)

Minimum Length:

10 inches


Various species including bluegill, redear, green, warmouth & longear

Daily Bag:


No Minimum Length


Weight Length Date
Bass, Hybrid Striped 15.00 27.50 Apr 1, 2002 Chad Lampman
Bass, Largemouth 11.63 25.50 Jan 7, 1999 David Polson
jig-fin-s, spinning lure
Buffalo, Smallmouth 29.28 37.00 Mar 16, 2002 Stuart Parsons Sr. worm
Carp, Common 14.99 30.00 Mar 24, 2011 Dennis Caughron dough
Catfish, Blue 62.75 46.00 Oct 16, 1999 Dusky Wright minnow

Fishing Info

Lake Whitney is one of the prettiest lakes in Texas. This, combined with excellent public access and good fishing for many species, makes it a popular destination. It offers top-notch angling for striped bass and white bass, along with unique and diverse opportunities for smallmouth bass and trophy blue catfish. Texas anglers who have not fished Whitney are missing out on a great experience.



Bass, Florida Largemouth 2004 589,978 Fingerling
Bass, Florida Largemouth 2003 760,159 Fingerling
Bass, Florida Largemouth 1986 151,900 Fingerling
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Lake Whitney currently provides some of the best striped bass fishing in the state, with March through May being the best months. Bank anglers are most successful fishing below sand or gravel bars on the Nolan and Brazos Rivers above the reservoir. In the main lake, anglers fish on windswept sandy beaches using shad or inland silverside ("ghost minnows") for bait. Boat anglers find stripers in the open reservoir feeding on large schools of shad or near submerged brush or timber. Topwater lures, jigs, and live bait are all effective at this time of year. From June through September, the lake is stratified, with little oxygen and cooler temperatures below 20 to 30 feet. Stripers seek out the coolest water they can find with tolerable oxygen levels. Trolling or drift fishing using large diving baits, jigs, or live bait may catch these suspended fish

Attractions near Lake whitney

Things of interest in the Lake Whitney area:

Whitney Area Museum

103 E. Wilson Avenue, Whitney, TX Phone: 254-694-37893

Hillsboro Outlet Mall

Over 200 shops and only a few minutes away.

Cell Block Museum in Hillsboro - Willie Nelson Memorabilia Room.

Canoeing down the Brazos River

8.2 mile ride from the bottom of the Lake Whitney dam to Dick's Place. Other excursions available.

Brazos de Dios - Homestead Heritage Center for Traditional Crafts.

Craft workshop, including the Heritage Forge Blacksmith Shop, The Potter's House, the Homestead Heritage Furniture Workshop and a gift shop.

Bosque Memorial Museum - Clifton

Largest collection of Norwegian artifacts in the South and Southwest.

Texas Heritage Museum - Hillsboro

Located on the Hill College campus, the museum commemorates the experiences of Texans during war times.

Hill County Courthouse - Hillsboro

Constructed in 1890, the courthouse has two story high Corenthian columns. There is also a 70 foot high clock tower.

Lake Whitney Motocross

Located in Whitney on the WB Ranch, the track is open for special events several times a year.

Endangered Species and Invasive threats to visitors

The Lake is currently very high and no species are endangered.


Toyota ShareLunker Program

Entries accepted October 1 – April 30

TFFC is headquarters for the Toyota ShareLunker Program, which encourages anglers who have caught 13-pound-plus largemouth bass to lend or donate the fish to TPWD for spawning purposes.

If you catch a lunker, check the program rules and call (903) 681-0550.

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Current ShareLunker Entries (1)

DateAngler NameHome TownWeightLengthGirthWater BodyPhoto & Details

11/02/2015Roy EuperLufkin, TX13.225.522Sam RayburnEuper's fish

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