Killin it in Siberia

Nick Russell and Christopher Harter

Time We Spent Killin It In Siberia

We spent 15 days in Siberia lasting from October 1st to October 16th 2014. We are traveling from Sealand (flying) into Moscow to meet our friends there that we are traveling with. We were on the Siberean railroad system in Russia and we are stopping as Omsk along the way. We are traveling to Siberia to find diamonds under the permafrost with Indiana Jones, we are going to become millionaires. Nick and I (Chris) are traveling with Peyton Panning and Batman, as well as Eminem

Our favorite things!

Some things we loved were the deep and cool history of The Siberean Railroads and all of the engineering that went into the railroads. Some land forms we saw were mountains and forests along the way