What is a community?

How do people in a community depend on each other?

A Community of People

A community is a group of people who live or work together in the same place.

What are wants and needs? What are goods and services? Who are producers and consumers?

Finding answers to these three BIG questions will help us understand how people in a community depend on each other.

Do the activities in Business Buddies with a partner. Look for answers to these questions. Record new information in your notebook. Be sure to write down your new questions too!

What are your needs and wants?

Make a T chart with the headings Needs and Wants. List things that you feel are your needs and wants under each heading. Share your ideas with your team. Make a chart that summarizes the Needs and Wants identified by your team.

Watch the video below with your team.

How would you revise your list?

What are producers and consumers?

What are goods and services?

How are crayons produced?