live life to the fullest

bryant gallagher perion 4-5

Analysis of the devolopement of theme

The setting affects the characters by setting the mood if some one just died then most likely mood or the setting is sad. The character affects the plot by BEING most of the plot he shapes the plot most of the time. The conflict influences the character by giving him challenges. The setting and the plot are the base of the story. But the theme is the summary. These things shape the theme and the story. I think that the theme is kind of like the moral. A summary of the story, it is the image of the author in a way.

Reflection and Application of Theme

It is very relevant to our every day life because people die. It might seem unfair but it is just life and we need to tough through it and like every thing we die. Every one will die but we need to cherish every second of it. live life to the fullest and live every second of it. I think the theme is close because freak is imagining he lives in the medieval days. Also Max join the fray. I think that the author developed HIS theme a lot too. I think that the author can change the ending.

live life to the fullest


during the two years that max lived in the place that he lived he had an interesting life.he met one of his preschool buddies. he was scared of him at first but became his friend. they went on quests and adventures. one day freak or Kevin choked on american chopped suey. Good thing max reacted quick or he may have died. the same day max heard that killer Kane got out of jail. And got kid napped bye killer Kane then Kevin died.