Weekly Tech News

February 2, 2017

Upcoming Dates

2/6 WL JOT

2/8 SR High JOT

2/13 AE JOT

Interested in Testing the New Gradebook?

I'm searching for teachers from each building that would like to use and become familiar with the new grade book. It will be rolling out next school year. These teachers would switch to the new grade book for fourth quarter, and I will be available to support them through the transition. The goal is to get some of you familiar enough to help others next school year. In short, the practice of training the trainer. Send me an email if you are interested in participating or if you would like additional information.

Elementary: Update and Login on iPads

A few quick reminders:

1. Students need to login to their iPads using the Apple IDs and temporary passwords Carol sent out. The passwords are temporary and will expire, so the quicker the better. If you need any help getting this done, let me know!

2. Make sure that student iPads are updated. Carol sent out instructions on how to complete the update, but I'm happy to show you in person if that is something you need.

Elementary: Morphi on the iPads

Over the weekend, students should start receiving a new app on their iPads. The app is called Morphi. The app is a 3D creation tool, similar to Tinkercad, but designed specifically with the iPad in mind. It seems to function a little better than Tinkercad. This is not an app you have to use, but it is another tool that is available.

Quicktime in the Classroom

Here are a few ways that you can apply Quicktime in the classroom:

1. Instead of giving 10 questions for homework, the student can create 3 problems and solve them while explaining/showing their thinking.

2. A student can record themselves reading a book via audio. That audio can be shared using Google Drive. The share link can be used on forqrcode.com. Voila, QR code audio book that can be taped inside the book for others.

3. A student is having an unexplainable technology issue at home. They can record their MacBook screen using Quicktime. Upon viewing the video, the problem might be easier to see.

4. Teachers and students can create videos without relying on the internet, making the program more reliable than Canvas' media recording tool. These videos can then be turned in on Canvas using Google Drive. Especially useful for elearning.

5. Students can create documentaries that better the community. Real- world problems can be shared to make an impact with others.

Most importantly, Quicktime is a program that focuses on creation. It is a great, reliable tool that allows your students to share their ideas.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!