My Plan

The Design cycle plan for the design

My Detailed Plan

Monday 5.6:

  • I use smore to explan to the people the detail of my three design.
  • I will scan that three picture that i did to the smore.
  • And i also chose my final design, i will make more explanation for this on smore.

Tuesday 5.7:

  • At home i will research some more DT idea for my final design, and try to make a easy layout of the design.

Wednesday 5.8:

  • I will create the basic flood by using Google Sketch up.
  • Design the size of each room and how tall of the building.
  • Get some help for the teacher ask the teacher witch part have to make it more better.

Thursday 5,9

  • Start to made the all design layout, build the wall and the out side of the building.

Friday 5.10

  • Put the detail in the class, for example chair table.....
  • Color the building, and also color the detail.

Saturday 5.11:

  • Create the evaluate section for the final work.
  • Test the product in a group.

Sunday 5.12:

  • Make the final design cycle report, and show the work.

Testing group

Reflection of my Plan

5.10: Today i start to make my design on Google sketch up, at the beginning i waste some time to play the Google map, at that time i only have one shape. After i playing the Google maps i start to make the design. But i think i staying behind i do my work fast. I have few team meeting time, i talk about my work my design, i had finish the wall and the window, and it will be due in 5.31.


The student produces a plan that contains a number of detailed, logical steps that describe the use of resources and time. The student critically evaluates the plan and justifies any modifications to the design.