Qualities Men Love In A Woman

What’s more than a pretty face to a man?

Nia Jordan


Mrs. Marinelli


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Men know it’s not all about looks when it comes to a woman. Shocking right? There are actually quite a few things, besides appearance, that men find highly attractive in women. Women often find themselves dressing to empress and trying to make sure they capture a guy’s attention. Men are very visual people, there’s no doubt about that. But when it comes time for commitment and settling down, there are many things men like about women that have nothing to do with looks. Some women put so much effort and time into how they look. Make-up and hair can often be like costume that gives women a complete confidence and personality boost. But do men really care about all of it?

So what are some things that men look for other than physical appearance? One thing that is important is having a good level of confidence. A confident woman is happy with herself and how she looks. Self-esteem is one big part of our lives. The level in which women believe in themselves and the effort put toward building up confidence. Confidence is what drives a woman, and the key is for women to be all they want to be.

Many men love a woman who can listen. Not listen in a demanding way, but more like being able to just sit and listen; showing that you care about them. Being able to really hear what's being said is a quality any man would love. Not every guy can be superman, but even the strongest of men want a soft place to fall. That’s why it’s important for a woman to be supportive. Showing you care can be easy as sending a small text. It’s the thought that counts, everyone needs someone to keep them grounded and on their feet if life decides to take a turn.

Some men like the flexible trait in a woman. Being able to go with the flow is fun in most cases. Most men would never sing in front of us or dance around embarrassing themselves, but they just love to hear us sing and dance even if it’s humiliating as ever. Men love the silliness qualities woman own. One of the first things to go in a relationship is the spontaneity. Couples get stuck in a routine of dates and lose the “spark” that was there in the beginning.

The things men like in women are almost the same as the things women like in men. What makes men and women happy usually tends to be the little things. But, every aspect that has been mentioned tends to lead to a happy and satisfied relationship. Although this article could be vice-versa, it's a good thing to know about how the male mind thinks when it comes to a woman being in their life. Overall, women are beautiful, with or without all the appearance efforts and men would still be interested. So Ladies, love yourself!


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