Mystic Seaport

founded in 1929


The Mystic Seaport is The Museum of America and the Sea it is also the largest maritime museum in the world.
The Mystic Seaport is equipped with many attractions along with plenty of activities and sites, including 4 different national historic landmark ships.The Seaport features a working preservation shipyard, a re-created 19th-century seafaring village, exhilarating exhibits and a planetarium.While visiting the Mystic Seaport visitors are able to take one of the many historically accurate ships out on to the river.

You will also be able to enjoy one of the largest collections of maritime photography in the country. If interested in learning more about the Mystic Seaport the museum's renowned archives are available to scholars and researchers from around the world, via the internet and integrated databases.


Dining and Purchase Options

The Mystic Seaport includes dining options such as, a cafe, bakery ,and a sit down restaurant that offers a riverside view.

There are also a few gift shop sporadically placed around the park where you are able to purchase one of the many souvenirs offered.


  • They offer a show on navigation using the stars. This particular skill set proved to be an advantage while working as an mariner.
  • A large range of original contemporary marine art by award-winning artists along with annual exhibitions.
  • Many museums along with other special exhibits are offered to the public.