Poison Dart Frog

By:Max Casey

Color of Frog

Bright colors mean that the frog is poisonous. Some poison dart frog colors are: yellow,

gold, red, green, copper, blue or black.


Poison dart frogs eat poisonous bugs. The bug that dart frogs eat is called a fruit fly. They

also eat spiders and small insects.

5 Cool Facts about Poison Dart Frogs | Pet Reptiles

The Most Toxic Frog

The most toxic frog in the world is the golden poison arrow frog, which has the

poison to kill 10 grown men!


Poison arrow frogs breed at the rainy season.


Some dart frogs live in bromeliads.

As Pets

When you get your poisonous pet you might want a tip: Do Not pick him/her up!

Ways People Use The Poison

Native people use poison arrow frogs poison for hunting.

Not In Trees!

Poison dart frogs live on the rainforest floor.


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