Magma Mobile

  • Created in October 2009
  • Nicolas Sorel founder and CEO
  • Located in France
  • Have developed over 80 apps and games
  • One of the largest Android publishers on the market

Math Concepts

  • Focuses entirely on geometry an the understanding and manipulation of shapes

App Review

  • It's Free!
  • Extremely addicting
  • Collection of challenging puzzles
  • Various difficulties
  • Three game types (Challenge, Arcade, and Time Attack)
  • Mid to high level DOK


  • The app occasionally "sticks"

Classroom Activites/Additions

  • Build basic understanding of geometry and the relationships between shapes
  • Could be used with real tan grams (allows physical manipulation)
  • Could include counting sides and angles
  • Classroom/group competitions
  • Free time/recess activity