The book is not dead

It doesn't matter what your preference is, whether print or digital, the important thing is you are reading.

This detail of an infographic suggests that the demand for e-books is plateauing at around 25% of all book sales. Even more interesting, that there is significant growth in the number of independent book shops now in the USA - book shops are a growth market! Yes!

The library provides Introduction sessions for year 7 and 8

Explaining what a fantastic place the library is for information - online and offline - research - interesting books - fiction and nonfiction - magazines - relaxing - and catching up with classmates.....

In the session below we explained the difference between GENRES:


Take a look at Richard Byrne’s post on Free Technology for Teachers about NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System site.

Although you can view it through your browser, a small download is required. As Richard pointed, out the guided tours are probably the easiest way to get started. This is a mesmerizing simulation, with some good tutorials. The best two come from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and TED. Click on the link:


You’ve definitely seen it at some point. Maybe it was in a lecture in college. Maybe it was in a TED talk you watched recently. Someone is trying to explain some important historical connection, drawing up a grand theory of art or science or human progress, and there it is, as if by reflex: the hand lifts in front of them like an upturned claw........READ MORE

our collection of non fiction contains the latest number 1 titles

North Korean Cartoon "Butterfly and Cock" [아동영화] 나비와 수탉
Boys Wipe Out Bandits, first published in 1989, is "adapted from a story the Dear Leader 'one day' dreamed up as a child himself", in which "cultural impurities, capitalist degeneracy, and rampant individualism are defeated by the pure virtue of the collective".

you can watch 11 movies that are based on poems

Hollywood pushes out a seemingly endless supply of movies based on novels, comic books, or old TV shows. Every so often, however, studios try their hand at adapting poems for the big screen. Here you can find 11 examples.......

The Sirens - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (5/10) Movie CLIP (2000) HD

news from the APP STORE...

Do you know it is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy to download apps from your personal account to a school device?

Google has improved image search

Google Image Search has (finally) moved the Usage Rights option up onto the main tool bar. This is incredibly exciting as it now allows us to EASILY search for copyright-free images that we are allowed to reuse.....Read more

there are AT LEAST 16 Reasons why Libraries and Librarians are Extremely Important

Many predict that the digital age will wipe public bookshelves clean, and permanently end the centuries-old era of libraries. As libraries' relevance comes into question, librarians face an existential crisis at a time when students need them the most. Despite their perceived obsolescence in the digital age, both libraries and librarians are irreplaceable for many reasons. Nearly twenty reasons, in fact. We've listed them here:

OUR LIBRARY is providing the full JSTOR experience

You may be familiar with archival journals in the sciences on JSTOR. But did you know JSTOR has science-related current journals, books, and primary sources too?

Institutions can get access to:

Current issues of journals like The American Naturalist

Millions of botanical resources for the study of biodiversity and the history of science

This Earth Day, help your users make an impact.

Current Journals - Science, Technology & Mathematics Package
Current issues of 13 core science titles, alongside the full back run on JSTOR

Books - Sustainability Collection

Primary Sources - Global Plants Database
A database of 2 million+ type specimens and other primary sources.

And don't forget about the Life Sciences Archive Collection

We have 3 new displays in the library....