By Megan Eich


The beautiful flag has a red boarder with yellow stars. Yellow and green triangles make up the rest of the background with a green leaf to the left and a yellow star in the middle

Saint George's, The Wonderful Capital

Beautiful sites can be seen at Saint George's as well as other major cities including Gouyave, Grenville, Sauteures, and Hillsborough.



Grenada is located in Central America in the Caribbean. Grenada is made up of multiple islands and together they add up to 344 square miles of land. the islands are divided by the Vincent and Grenadines.

Tourists' Information

Grenada is a great vacation spot, we speak engilsh, so there is no confusion for tuorists coming from the US. In Grenada we have great foods including bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, avocado, sugarcane, and corn. Along with food we also have amazing views throughout the islands. Specifically, on the island of Carriacau, there are many beautiful treetop views, and, as well as in Carriacau, there are many great views in our capital, Saint Goerge's. In Saint George's you can see many beautiful harbors.


The unemployment rate has increased by 8.5% since 2008

Doves and flowers are the symbols that represent Grenada

38% of the population is below the poverty line