CSDA team parent meeting

2013-2014 competition team

Come find out whats going on this season!!

Hope to see you all at the studio for the 1st ever CSDA team parent meeting! It is a great way for all the parents to get to know each other and work together for the upcoming season!

Center Stage Dance Academy

Sunday, June 30th, 7:30pm

321 West County Line Road

Hatboro, PA


The following topics will be discussed at the meeting...

1. Warm ups

2. Fundraising:

Football mania Tickets

Basket Raffles

CDSA night out

Car wash (pep boys 8/3/13 9am-4pm)

Hatboro Second Saturday

Applebees breakfast with Santa (Sunday 12/15/13)

We will address:

Can I "buying in" and avoid participating in fundraising?

3. Poster nights

4. Jump Convention and competitions:

Jan 31-Feb 2 2014. Mandatory weekend: All competitors must take workshop in order to compete. Workshop fees will be collected Oct 1-15, 2013. Competition Fees will be collected Nov 1-15, 2013. For more info visit www.jumptour.com!!!!!!!

5. Hair, makeup, health and nutrition

6. Dance mom's tee-shirts...scroll down and click on the photos for more info!

Please bring any questions you may have and leave all kids at home!!!!!