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Eagle's Nest News - 9.15.23

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Principal's Message

Dear VBCS Families,

On Tuesday at 1:30 VBCS will host a special assembly on campus for all students. Wild Wonders is an animal education organization comprised of caring professionals with a combined lifetime of experience in animal handling and education. Students will learn about a range of species from around the world with a unique opportunity to meet bush babies, boa constrictors, and many more Wild Wonders animal-ambassadors. Curriculum will cover the important role these animals play in keeping our world green.

Students of the Week

The following students were recognized at Friday Flag Raising as our Students of the Week. They were selected by their classroom teachers for demonstrating outstanding effort and citizenship for the week. Keep up the great work Eagles!

Eagle Ticket Winners

Every Monday morning we draw an Eagle Ticket winner from each classroom. Students earn Eagle Tickets by demonstrating appropriate behaviors on campus by being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. Students who are selected are recognized on our office Eagle Board. Congratulations to our Eagle Feather winners!

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Teaching and Learning

VBCS Charter Council

The Vivian Banks Charter Council is seeking nominations of individuals who would like to

serve on the council for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years.

The Vivian Banks Charter Council is made up of Parents, Teachers, Staff and Community

Volunteers. It provides a forum for the school community to come together to review student

data, identify common goals, and to establish a plan to achieve these goals. The committee

convenes 6 times a year on campus. We would appreciate your interest and commitment to

help VBCS be the best school possible.

Once all interested parents/community members are identified a school wide election will

take place. The top 5 vote getters will be identified and will begin their service at the Oct.

meeting. Please call the office at (760) 742-3300 if you would like to participate in our bi-annual election.

DRA3 Assessment

Students in 1-5 grade are currently participating in the DRA3 Development Reading Assessment. DRA3 provides educators and their classrooms a criterion-based, authentic benchmark assessment evaluating student reading level and reading behaviors. DRA3 determines independent or instructional levels on reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and reading comprehension. For struggling readers, DRA3 helps create instructional groupings and informs instructional practice through progress monitoring and targeted skill-based interventions.

Skill of the Week - Listening to Others

Listening to others is a useful skill for all students, but especially for those who are easily distracted. Students who know how to listen are much more likely to understand directions, learn new material, and have better social relationships.

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Culture and Community

ELAC Meeting

VBCS's English Learner Advisory Committee met on 9.15.23. Thank you to our wonderful families who were able to attend. We reviewed the purpose of ELAC, understanding ELPAC scores, and held our annual election. We also welcomed Mr. Becerra from Education Begins in The Home, A Latino Literacy Now Program. Mr. Becerra shared available resources with families and brought hundreds of gently used books for students.

ELOP - Afterschool Enrichment

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) is an afterschool and intersession enrichment program for TK-6th grade students. The purpose of Vivian Bank’s Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP) is to provide all VBCS’s students access to 9 hours of instructional and enrichment programming per day for 180 days of school, as well as 30 days of intersession or summer programming.

The Expanded Learning Program will focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of pupils through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. If you are interested in participating please see Nancy in the school office. There is no cost to participate in ELOP.

2023-2024 ELO-P Program Hours

Regular School Program - August 16, 2024 – June 7, 2024 – Dismissal- 6:00pm

Intersession Days – November 1, January 2-5, January 8, February 19-23, March 25-29- 8:00am – 5:00pm

Summer Program - June 10, 2024 – June 28, 2024 - 8:00am – 5:00pm

Bonsall Farm Field Trips

This program has been made to provide hands-on experiences in agriculture for all elementary school students in the Bonsall Unified School District. Our farm is located on the Bonsall Elementary School field next to the district office. All elementary classes were given three dates in the school year to be able to attend the school farm. Lessons and activities that are presented on the farm will be based on California Science Standards. Each farm experience will be a unique opportunity for students to engage with plants, gardening, food, nutrition, and the outdoors. The farm space is essentially an extension of the classroom, and we hope to bring students fun, and engaging lessons that keeps students interested and happy!

Transportation: Vivian Banks Charter School students will be transported to and from the

Farm location by bus. All farm dates and times are worked in and around all recess and lunch breaks.

Permission Slips: Permission slips for each student are essential and required for students to

attend the farm.

The students first visit will include a safety lesson, where staff will go over rules, tool safety, and expectations. Following that portion, kids will take a tour of the farm. Students will then go on a scavenger hunt where they will be broken into two groups to complete. Concluding the scavenger hunt, students will plant a succulent to take home with them.

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Health and Saftey

Covid Tests

Vivian Banks Charter School has Covid tests available for your use. If you would like your child to retrieve the two kits, please have them pick them up in the VBCS office. Or, if you prefer, you, the parent or guardian, may pick them up at the VBCS Office. These COVID tests are provided to you as a courtesy. Testing is not required by our district.

Although we are excited to have your child attend school everyday, when your child is sick, we do ask you to keep him or her at home. Specifically, if your child has tested positive for COVID, he or she should remain at home for five (5) days from the onset of symptoms or positive COVID test (if asymptomatic). Your child may return on Day 6, unless he or she remains sick. Masking upon return to school is not required by the District.

We wish you great health as we know the cold and flu season approaches, and encourage you to place special attention to taking practical steps to boost your student’s immune system by providing nutritious food, proper amounts of sleep, and good doses of exercise.

BUSD Firearms Safety Memorandum 2023-2024

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and to remind parents and legal guardians of all students in the Bonsall Unified School District of their responsibilities for keeping firearms out of the hands of children as required by California law. There have been many news reports of children bringing firearms to school. In many instances, the child obtained the firearm(s) from his or her home. These incidents can be easily prevented by storing firearms in a safe and secure manner, including keeping them locked up when not in use and storing them separately from ammunition.

To help everyone understand their legal responsibilities, this memorandum spells out California law regarding the storage of firearms. Please take some time to review this memorandum and evaluate your own personal practices to assure that you and your family are in compliance with California law.

  • With very limited exceptions, California makes a person criminally liable for keeping any firearm, loaded or unloaded, within any premises that are under their custody and control where that person knows or reasonably should know that a child is likely to gain access to the firearm without the permission of the child’s parent or legal guardian, and the child obtains access to the firearm and thereby (1) causes death or injury to the child or any other person; (2) carries the firearm off the premises or to a public place, including to any preschool or school grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, or to any school-sponsored event, activity, or performance; or (3) unlawfully brandishes the firearm to others.

    • Note: The criminal penalty may be significantly greater if someone dies or suffers great bodily injury as a result of the child gaining access to the firearm.

  • With very limited exceptions, California also makes it a crime for a person to negligently store or leave any firearm, loaded or unloaded, on their premises in a location where the person knows or reasonably should know that a child is likely to gain access to it without the permission of the child’s parent or legal guardian, unless reasonable action is taken to secure the firearm against access by the child, even where a minor never actually accesses the firearm.

  • In addition to potential fines and terms of imprisonment, as of January 1, 2020, a gun owner found criminally liable under these California laws faces prohibitions from possessing, controlling, owning, receiving, or purchasing a firearm for 10 years.

  • Finally, a parent or guardian may also be civilly liable for damages resulting from the discharge of a firearm by that person’s child or ward.

Note: Your county or city may have additional restrictions regarding the safe storage of firearms.

Thank you for helping to keep our children and schools safe. Remember that the easiest and safest way to comply with the law is to keep firearms in a locked container or secured with a locking device that renders the firearm inoperable.

Bullying Prevention
We work hard to prevent bullying at our school but we also want our students to be prepared and know what to do if bullying occurs. At our school we teach Stop, Walk, and Talk, a strategy where students learn how to handle bullying behaviors.

STOP: First, students are taught and role play how to appropriately and assertively request another person to stop bothersome or hurtful behavior.

WALK: If this does not work, we train on how students can remove themselves from the situation.

TALK: If this does not work, the last step is to talk to an adult. We take this very seriously and want all of our children to feel listened to and safe at school.

The curriculum can be found at Parents can help by reinforcing Stop, Walk, and Talk by discussing the strategy and practicing it at home as well as listening to your child's concerns about possibly bullying behaviors and sharing your concerns with your child's teachers.

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Upcoming Events

September 19 - 3rd Grade Field Trip Bonsall Farm

September 19 - Wild Wonders Assembly

September 20 - BUSD Board Meeting

September 28 - 1/2 Grade Field Trip Bonsall Farm

September 29 - Native American Day, Lunch on the Lawn