element name: Leilanium

atomic mass: 15

symbol: Lm

discoverer: Dulce bobadilla

occurrence: in mexico city on may 28,2000

physical properties

  • boils when: when someone is rude to it,and being annoyed.
  • melts if: if it get frozen yogurt,reads a really good book.
  • can cause...if: evaporation is it gets food,and candy.

chemical properties

  • is repelled by: by mosquitoes, sour stuff, and a lot homework.
  • is attracted by: cupcakes and pastries.
  • may explode spontaneously when: hyper of sugar.
  • requires copious amounts of: a bunch of nutella,books,cookies,music,and movies.
  • is inert if: stuff animals.
  • will impervious: bad books.